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31 Brand Logos with Clever Hidden Meanings - Fuuuu

31 Brand Logos with Clever Hidden Meanings

You Probably know the meaning of some of these brand logos, but I am sure you will be surprised to know that many of these Brand logos crossed your path on a day to day basis but you couldn’t see that hidden sign which was right there in front of you:

Here are 31 Brand Logos with clever Hidden Meanings:

1. Amazon: That Little yellow arrow may look like a smiley but what it basically signifies is that Amazon has range of products from A to Z, meaning they have practically everything.



2. Apple: The Apple in the Apple logo signifies the forbidden fruit from the “Tree of Knowledge.”



3. Audi: Those 4 hoops in the Audi Logo represents the 4 founding companies of the Auto-Union Consortium back in 1932 namely Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.



4. Barcode: So yeah, there is a Barcode in that Logo which also looks like a Beer Mug.



5. Baskin Robbins: If you can notice, the number of flavours Baskin Robbins offers is cleverly hidden in its Logo, yes 31 it is.

Baskin Robbins


6. Bird Love: So what did you see? The Birds or the Love sign? Well, we see both.



7. Black Cat: Black Cat is a TV Design Production Company, if you look closely, you will find 2 eyes looking right back at you.

Black Cat


8. BMW: BMW has a history in aircraft engine production and so they have been true to its roots with the logo. The blue and white signifies a propeller in motion.



9. Codefish: A Fish is formed here using code symbols.



10. Continental: There is a tyre formed by C and O, simple yet innovative.



11. ED’s Electric: So its logo has a plug, a socket and Guess what, an E in the middle of them.

ED's Electric

12. FedEx: Can you see that there is an arrow between the letters E and X. It is an advertisement of their speed and delivery.



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