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7 Random but Historic Images of 2nd World War - Fuuuu

7 Random but Historic Images of 2nd World War

If it gives one chills just to think about it, no wonder, it must have been a horror for those who actually participated in the 2nd world war. Here are 7 historic images from World War II:

1. A Royal Air Force pilot getting himself a haircut during a break between missions in Britain in 1942



2. A Beautiful color picture of German Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-5 fighters, of Fighter Squadron JG54, during flight in 1943.
3. The Aftermath of the D-Day invasion, Two little kids watch from top as American Soldiers drive through St. Lo France in 1944.
4. Corporal Luther E. Boger of US 82nd Airborne Division reads a warning sign in cologne, Germany on 4th of April, 1945.


5. An advancing British Soldier makes a Panzer III tank crewman surrender, during the batte of El Alamein in 1942.
6. An Australian 2/4th Armored Regiment rides on a Matilda Tank on the Buin Road, Bougainville in 1945.
7. German Soldiers in 1942.