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24 Amazing Facts About Google You Won't Believe - Fuuuu

24 Amazing Facts About Google You Won’t Believe

Everything on the World Wide Web has something to do with Internet’s biggest giant Google. How well do you know the company? Here are 24 fascinating facts about Google:

1. Two million Google Searches are performed every minute.




2. Google Have Teams where 14 percent employees have never gone to college. It’s one of their ideologies and beliefs that Degrees and GPAs aren’t worthy criteria for Hiring.


3. Make a Search on Google for the keyword “ASKEW” and you will see that the content is tilted to the right. Try it yourself.

Askew Search

4. Do you Know Google was originally named Backrub?

BackRub Google

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5. 16% of the Everyday Google searches are those that Google has never seen before.


6. Google has officially hired a Camel to give us the Street View of a Desert.

camel google

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7. Microsoft actually has a program where they pay you to use their Search Engine BING instead of Google.


8. At the death of a Google Employee, their spouse receives half pay for 10 years from the company and the children receive 1000 USD every month until they are 19 years old.
9. Because Gmail was first launched on April 1st, 2004, many people took it as another April Fool Prank from Google.


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10. Speaking of April Fool Pranks, in 2007, Google sent out an e-mail to its employees that a python was loose in the facilities. Turned out it wasn’t really a joke.


11. By the end of 2020, Google aims to scan all 129 million unique books which are known for its existence.


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