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10 Secret Facts About Flights You Definitely Need To Know! - Fuuuu

10 Secret Facts About Flights You Definitely Need To Know!

The following 10 unknown secrets about flights will change the way how you feel on your next flight. They are directly revealed by pilots, flight attendants and engineers.

1. During flights most of the pilots are sleeping. According to a recent study almost 50% of them sleep while flying and even one-third of them have seen their partners sleeping too, after waking up. The plane runs meanwhile on auto pilot mode.


2. It is a dangerous secret, that the oxygen mask are only able to provide oxygen for around 15 minutes after pulling the mask down. Mostly this is enough  time for the pilot to take you to a lower altitude in where you can breathe like on the ground. However, if the plane doesn’t reach a lower altitude you have only 15-20 seconds before passing out.


3. While landing, the inside lights of the airplane are made dim not only to see the path of the runway better. The main reason is, that your eyes adjust to the darkness and in case of an emegency landing you will be able to see better as soon as you got out and therefore you can orientate yourself faster.


4. A true fact about the food serving system is that, two pilots of an aircraft are not eating the same food and they aren’t allowed to share their food. This is done in order to avoiding food poisoning of the pilots. This rule is very strict and ingoring it is a reason for airlines to fire a pilot immediately.


5. If you know how the pet animals are treated in the aircraft then you will never think twice about bringing your cat or dog on a plane journey. The animals are usually kept in the noisy ramp where you cannot stay even a second without ear protection. Your pets need to bear this dangerous noise during the whole journey.


6. Pilots have almost limitless power. If a passenger is causing a scene of  in the jet-way, the pilot can refuse to let them on the plane. As soon as the doors are closed, the captain has the authority to arrest people, fine passengers and  he can even take the will of dying passengers.


7. You will be surprised to know that the toilets on the plane can be unlocked from outside. There is a secret mechanism for unlocking the doors, which is kept behind the smoking badge. If you lift the sign you should be able to unlock the door.

airplane toilet door

8. One pilot has said once that “Landings are nothing more than controlled crash”. Landings in bad weather  always seem to be hard, however, it’s not because of the lack of skill of the pilot. Actually these hard landings are completely intentional. If there is water on the runway the plane has to touch down hard in order to puncture the water layer and prevent aqua planing.


9. Human organs are carried by most of the aircrafts. Almost all domestic flights have human remains on board.


10. Stopping of engine doesn’t mean the stopping the aircraft. Most of the planes can glide around 6 nautical miles for every 5000 feet. So if the plane is flying at 35,000 it is able to stay in air for more than 42 miles, although the engines are fully stopped. This is the main reasone why most of the accidents happen during landing or take off and not while being in air.