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11 Scientific Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind! - Fuuuu

11 Scientific Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Science has a mind-blowing way of explaining life and the universe. Knowledge like this can be overwhelmingly fantastic and has also the power to change the way you see the universe and think! The following 12 scientific thoughts will help you.

1. You are actually older than you think!

Everything is made of atoms and so is you. Because matter can never be created or destroyed your are as old as the universe. Maybe you were once part of a star?

2. You move all the time

Everything is in continuous movement and you will never be on the same physical place twice. So actually you travel enormous distances in your lifetime.

3. Sunset or Sunrise?

There is only one sun and its position isn’t changing, Yet, sunrises and sunsets  are impressive and delightful moments.

4. Light

Your body is sometimes the only obstacle for light after nearly 93 million miles of traveling. Quite impressive!

5. You are seeing billion of years

You have the opportunity to see billion of years at the same time. All you need to do is to watch the sky at night!

6. The time of the universe

Each object in space has a destined time for birth and death and each on was once the youngest.

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