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10 Common Misconceptions You Should Get Rid Of - Fuuuu

10 Common Misconceptions You Should Get Rid Of

They said something, you believed it and you passed on. This is the foundation on which the whole existence of RUMOURS and MISCONCEPTIONS is based. Believe me, it’s unhealthy, there is no wisdom in learning lies and passing it on. Instead, dig your nose and find out the truth, because truth is fun, yes it is. Here are 10 common misconceptions you should get rid of right now:

1. Albert Einstein never failed in Maths, instead he mastered Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus by the age of 15.


2. Napoleon wasn’t especially short, he was in fact taller than an average Frenchman. In modern international unit he was just shy of 5 feet 7 inches.


3. Do you think Alcohol makes your body warm? No, it doesn’t.


4. Benjamin Franklin did not invent electricity, he did discover a few properties of electricity previously not understood.


5. It is almost a myth that The Great Wall of China is the only man made object visible from the space, no it is not really “visible” and is certainly not the only one. The truth is that it is said to be visible from the lower orbit under very specific weather conditions and to those who has visual acuity 8 times better than normal.


6. Bulls are not enraged by the red color, in fact they feel threatened and so they run towards the Matador.


7. It’s perfectly fine to wake a sleep walker, it won’t harm them.


8. If you presumed that the historical Buddha was an obese by seeing the “laughing Buddha”, you are wrong because he wasn’t.


9. Frankenstein wasn’t the monster, it was the name of his creator: Victor Frankenstein


10. Mac OS and Linux are as much vulnerable from viruses as a Windows OS.

Mac OS