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10 Productive Things You Can Do On The Internet - Fuuuu

10 Productive Things You Can Do On The Internet

Internet can be a hazardous place, a place where you spoil yourself to an unimaginable extent but not if you know all the right websites. Here are 10 suggestions for what you should on the internet when you are free, these websites are really productive and will add value to your life:

1. Become a Coder: You can learn coding for free at Code Academy. There are many interactive lessons that they offer in several computer languages.

Code Academy

2. Learn to perfectly Retouch: With GIMP, you can become really good at retouching as they offer free photo manipulating software.


3. Become An Avid Reader: With tons of classic books at the collection at Project Gutenberg, you will never run out of great books around you. Also, organize your eBooks using Calibre.


4. Become a Multilingual Person: If mastering many different languages is one of your dreams or just something you want to achieve, you can fulfil that using Duolingo. At Duolingo, they offer you to learn Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese.


5. Learn Just about Anything: Just like you can learn coding at Code Academy, you can join many other free online courses at Khan Academy or Coursera. They have courses for just about anything, well almost anything.

Khan Academy

6. Help the needy: FreeRice is a website where you need to give a little Vocabulary Test and for every correct answer, 10 grains of rice to someone who needs it the most.

Free Rice

7. Find Cheap Medicines: At GoodRx, you can find discount coupons for Medicines and buy at the lowest possible price.



8. Learn to Manage Finances: Use Mint if you are an extravagant person and want an app/website to help you with your finances.


9. Watch Informative Documentaries: There is nothing more informative than watching a Documentary, of course, not including reading. Watch as many documentaries as you like at Documentary Heaven.

Documentary Heaven

10. Talk to someone who can help: This may surprise you but there is actually a service online where you can talk to a therapist and tell them about the miseries of your life, that too, anonymously. This service is available at 7 Cups of Tea.

7 cups of tea