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11 Interesting Facts About Popular Movies

Movies are an integral part of life, I have never found a human being who doesn’t have a favorite movie. It is not necessary that everyone eventually become a Movie Buff but one thing is for sure that nobody hates watching Movies. If you love movies, you deserve to know about these interesting facts about famous movies:

11. The Incredible Hulk was supposed to be grey, but a printing error made it green Which the creator Stan Lee liked and kept it like that.

Image source: pinterest.com

10. Peter Parker grew in a house which was a real address and the family who lived in that house are called The Parkers. The address of the house was 20 Ingram Street in Forest Hills, Queens.
9. Well, whatever the minions say in the “Despicable Me” Movies may not make sense to us but it is actually a language written by the film makers themselves. They named it “Minion-ese” and every word has an English translation.


8. In Matrix Reloaded, When Trinity hacks a power station’s computer, the codes used are actually very accurate.


Image Source: nmap.org

7. Originally, it was meant to be a refrigerator instead of the iconic DeLorean Time Machine in the movie “Back to the Future.”


Image Source: nukethefridge.com

6. Keanu Reeves was not the first choice to play the role of Neo in the film “Matrix”. It was earlier offered to Leonardo Di Caprio, Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise.


Image Source: vempyre.net

5. Gone With the Wind is the highest grossing movie of All time, when Adjusted for Inflation.

GWTW_ www.dvdsreleasedates.com

Image Source: dvdsreleasedates.com

4. A Starbucks Cup is visible in every scene in the movie “Fight Club.”


Image Source: whatculture.com

3. It took only 28 days to completely shot Silvester Stallone’s Rocky.

Image Source: moviestillsdb.com

2. The Successful Indian Mars Mission was actually cheaper than 2013’s blockbuster “Gravity”. Gravity’s budget was 100 million dollars, where as the Indian Mars Mission wrapped up in 74 million dollars.


1. Similarly, the budget of Titanic the film was more than the cost of building the original Titanic.

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