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You will love this Mrs.Doubtfire Horror Spinoff Video - Fuuuu

You will love this Mrs.Doubtfire Horror Spinoff Video

If you are a Movie Buff or someone who manages to watch a movie every now and then, then you must have watched Mrs. Doubtfire. Yes, I am talking about that Robin Williams film where she plays a woman and a man simultaneously. It’s interesting how a bit of creativity can transform a fun-filled family film into something terrorizing, a horror show. Now most of us loved Mrs. Doubtfire religiously as one of our favorite childhood movies. Even if you are one of those people who are not really fond of that film, this spin off video will still impress you.

In this “hilariously serious” spinoff of the 1993 family comedy, the talented Peter Javidpour made Williams’ character Daniel Hillard look like a twisted monster entering his former home with the most creepiest intentions. This makes me wonder why filmmakers don’t remake their own films in a completely different genre; it can be really successful critically and at the box office if a talented person such as Peter Javidpour involves themselves in the project and I am not talking about Parodies.
Now let’s just watch this horror spinoff of Mrs. Doubtfire.

Featured Image Source: Screaming Dominos