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The 14 Best Websites selected by Reddit Users

Collectively, Internet is more than 20 billions of webpages and if you want to find the best websites on the world wide web, there is no better place to get the answer than one of internet’s favorite place Reddit. This is what one Reddit user did last year, he asked a question ” “What is the best website other than Reddit?” and going by the answers, we have come to the fact that these are The 14 Best Websites as voted by Reddit Users:

14. TV Tropes

Back in 2004, TV Tropes started with an aim to cover TV but with time, it expanded to others media forms like theatre, comic books, music, literature and others. TV Tropes explains itself as the “catalogue of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction.”

15_TV Tropes

13. Motherfuckingwebsite.com 

Don’t be surprised, this is a website for real. This website is filled with profanity and F-Bombs. It is a satire for the digital age we have become so fond of. If you have ever designed a website, you have to see what this site has to say to you.

12. Find The Invisible Cow

This is actually a fun game where you need to find a cow on a blank page. It states that make sure your audio is on before you start the game. As the game begins, you hear a voice shout cow, you move your cursor around the page and the closer the cursor is to the cow, the louder the COW voice will go. This is some fun.

11. Kongregate

Kongregate has a collection of over 90,000 free online games. Make sure you don’t get addicted because these games are genuinely good and extremely addictive.


10. Kickstarter

If you are entrepreneur, this is just your thing. Kickstarter will work as a platform for you to get your idea get some support with large and small contribution from everyone.

9. The Nicest Place On The Internet

If you are lonely, a little upset or just not having a good day, you need to go to the nicest place on the internet. It is all you need, trust me on this.

8. Kickass Torrents

Whereas other torrent websites looks more or less like a spam store, this one stands apart. Kickass Torrents is neat and clean and has everything sorted under a suitable tab. This is exactly how a movie/TV Show collection should look like.


7. PrimeWire.ag

It is a website which hosts pirated media. The users at reddit wrote that you can find any movie or TV show you can think of at PrimeWire. Although, you will find a copyright infringement notice against PrimeWire, if you google it.

6. Zombo

Saying anything about Zombo will be a spoiler. So, I suggest you to go to the site right away because “you can do anything at Zombo Com”

5. Snopes.Com

David and Barbara, a couple from California founded Snopes in 1995. Snopes’ one and only goal is to expose any rumor or misinformation about anything and everything.  This site is as brilliant as it sounds.


4. Pornhub

So, according to Reddit Users, if they want to watch Porn, this is where they go to. Pornhub has recently initiated an insights blog section where there is interesting analysis about porn viewings.

3. Netflix 

Netflix has revolutionalized the streaming media industry unlike anything else. If you are looking for on-demand movies, Netflix is your premier site.

2. Wolfram|Alpha

WolframAlpha is a “computational knowledge engine.” as they like to describe themselves. Ask a fact and it will reply with a fact. It pours down a vast knowledge of the subject you want to know about.


1. Wikipedia

If you are one of those rare souls who doesn’t know What’s a Wikipedia, you can find about it on Wikipedia itself. Wikipedia is a reservoir of knowledge and once you enter a page, there are thousands of cross-linked pages to read from. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopaedia, to say the least.

1_WikipediaYou can see the entire Reddit thread and find out other great websites which didn’t make into the best 14 websites.