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You Won't Believe Your Eyes, But These Photos Are Real

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes, But These Photos Are 100% Real

Nowadays it has become really hard to know if a photo is real or edited. However, all these pictures are completely real, although they might look edited!

1. Mike the headless chicken


A farmer failed to properly behead a chicken because he missed the jugular vein. The chicken, named Mike, continued to live for 18 months on a mixture of milk and water.  Mike turned also into an attraction, generating $47,500 a month.

2. Utility pole hanging in the air

utility pole
This utility pole from russia is hanging in the air. Because of brush fire that affected the whole area it burned down half.

3. Cruise ship on cliff. How it got there?

This photo is 100% real and shows a resort on the East Coast of South Korea. You could go there for your next vacation too!

4. Underwater hotel

You see the aquarium of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin. Quite Amazing!

5. Are these train tracks real?

Although it looks edited, these train tracks are 100% real. They are the result of an earthquake in New Zealand.