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Interesting Places Around The World That Are Magical - Fuuuu

Interesting Places Around The World That Are Magical

Below you will find a list containing 6 places around the World that are not famous, but still magical in some way.

Elbow falls
Alberta, Canada


Have you ever thing to see the origin of any river? Do you want to see fresh ice melting from the top of a hill? Come and see Elbow Falls which will make you to think that how beautiful the nature is!

See Your Reflection In Water Like Cristal Clear

Brighton and Hove City, England, United Kingdom


How do you feel when the sun sets in the west? Everything turns into red or orange around you. Now if you can see a Cristal clear reflect of everything under your feet then that must be an unbelievable beauty.

Touch The Rainbow By Your Own Hand

Auster-Skaftafellssysla, Iceland


Rainbow, the matter of wonder and beauty for everyone. But how will you feel if you can touch the rainbow by your own hand? Yes, you can do that if you visit this wonderful hilly area.

Find Yourself With The Stone Are Tools At the Open Air Museum

Zoelen, Commewijne, Suriname

The name of this pot is KAPPA, was once used to boil cane juice sugar syrup. You will find this kind of ancient age tools used by ancient age people at the Open Air Museum Fort Nieuw Amsterdam in the Commewijne district of Suriname

Find Peace And Enjoy The Beauty By Your Heart

Temple InSights – Shwedagon Pagoda Myanmar

11737988816_23f8aae90b_b (1)

Temple, The place of peace as well as the place of beauty. You will find spectacular golden design in this temple and also your mind will be filled up with peace when you will think about ALMIGHTY CREATOR.

Enjoy Presentable Sight Of Sun At Midnight

Trysil, Hedmark county, Norway


How will be the sight if you see the sun light at mid night? It’s really amazing. Yes we all know about the country Norway, known as Country of Mid-Night Sun. And this is the amazing sight of that mid night sun. You can see it only for few minutes.