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24 Amazing Facts About Google You Won’t Believe

12. Every Year Google earns 20 Billion US Dollars from advertising, which is more than the collective primetime revenue of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.


13. Facebook is the world’s 2nd most visited website. Of course after Google.

14. Since 2010, Google has acquired at a rate of 2 companies per month.

google acquire

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15. GoogleSucks.com, Google owns this domain.

16. Fortune Magazine named Google as the Best Company to work for in US for the 4th consecutive year in 2014.

17. On August 16, 2013, the global internet traffic dropped by 40 percent as Google went down for 5 minutes.

18. There is more computing power required to program a single Google Search than it took to send Apollo 11 to the Moon.


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19. Google is offering USD 20 million to any private team that can land on the moon by New Year’s Eve of 2016.

20. By tracking how fast Android Devices are moving on the streets, Google Maps calculates traffic anywhere.

21. You can check out imagery view, infrared and elevation views of the Planet Mars at Google.com/Mars.

22. Not everyone knows that Google also provides a Free Service to plan weddings at Google.com/Weddings.

23. At the time of its Launch, when Gmail was offering 1 GB of Free Storage, Hotmail provided only 2 MBs.

24. To deliver the best results for any Search, Google takes over 200 factors into account. They do it in a fraction of a second though.


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