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31 Brand Logos with Clever Hidden Meanings

21. Newcastle Food & Wine Festival: Three bottle of wines is created in an illusive fashion within the shape of the Fork.

Newcastle Food and Wine Festival


22. New Man: New Man is one of the earliest commercially designed reversible Logos.

New Man


23. Northwest Airlines: The ‘N’ within the Circle is also a ‘W’ and it also points out to the North-west.

Northwest Airlines


24. Pinterest: Pinterest is a website where you can create a virtual board to pin everything you like on the internet, so the P is pointed at the end like a Pin.



25. Spartan Golf Club: Is that a Golfer taking a shot or is there more to it? Look again, there is a spartan with a helmet.

Spartan Golf Club


26. Sun Microsystems: The Chip on the left forms the word Sun from all directions.

Sun Microsystems


27. The Guild of Food Writers: A spoon is so creatively embellished within the shape of an Ink Pen.

Guild of Food Writers


28. Tour De France: This is really interesting, the ‘R’ in the Tour forms a cyclist and the Orange Circle is the front wheel of the bicycle.

Tour De France


29. Twins: Alright, this is too obvious but smart enough, the N is twisted and it forms a 2, you can see it by tilting your head a little to your right.


30. VAIO: Tech Freaks will easily get this one, analog and Digital signals, that’s all a tech gadget is basically about.



31. Yoga Australia: The hand and Leg of the girl enclosed the map of Australia, now that’s clever.

Yoga Australia