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12 Famous Cases Of Daniel Day-Lewis’ Perfectionism

2002: At the time he was shooting for “Gangs of New York”, he used to listen to Eminem so as to transform into an angry and self-righteous man, which Bill the Butcher was in the film.

2002: Daniel caught Pneumonia during the time of “Gangs of New York”, as he refused to wear the warm modern coat as it was not from the period the film was set in.

2002: He may be a British guy, but all through the shooting of “Gangs of New York”, he talked in a New York accent and used to sharpen his Knives during Lunch.
2005: To experience the isolation of the character he played in “The Ballad of Jack and Rose”, he moved out of his house and lived separately away from his wife and children in a little hut near a beach.


2007: Day-Lewis used all sorts of Oral histories from the time period of late 19th century and early 20th century to sound like a man of that period in “There Will Be Blood”.


2012: During “Lincoln”, he demanded that everyone on the set must address him as Mr. President, including director Steven Spielberg.