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11 Scientific Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind! - Page 2 of 2 - Fuuuu

11 Scientific Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind!

7. Lost Planet

What would you have thought? A space battle? An enormous crash?

8. Up or Down?

What is up and down? Whether it’s looking down or up to space, it is always an awesome experience.

9. Other galactic beings?

The universe is so huge that other galactic beings are very likely. Still it is hard to prove, because we are too tiny to explore all.

10. First man on moon

On July 20th, 1996 the moon was actually invaded by aliens. At that time humans become aliens to that place.

11. The speed of light

Isn’t that scientific though impressive? When you look up at night, you probably see some stars of the past that don’t exist anymore!   Did these scientific thoughts changed the way you think and see the universe? Then please share this article and like our Facebook page for more interesting stories!